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November - Issue 3



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Important Dates

For the 7th and 8th grade Boys Basketball Schedule please click here

November 5th-Choir Concert- 7PM

November 7th- Strings Concert- 7PM in WSMS Auditorium

November 13th- Early Release- School Ends @ 1:26

November 14th- Parent Teacher Conferences- 4-7 PM

November 19th- Parent Teacher Conferences -4-7 PM
Band Concert- 7PM

November 27,28,29th- NO SCHOOL- Happy Thanksgiving Break!





November PBIS Information


November PBIS Newsletter


We are continuing to work on the Webster Way. Students are aware that the core expectations include: Be Respectful, Be Responsible and Be Safe.  


Students should be demonstrating responsible and safe behavior during the winter months by dressing appropriately for the coming cold weather.  This means wearing pants, wearing heavier shirts, using jackets, hats, and gloves. Students are let in the building at 8:10. On days with extremely cold wind chill temperatures, students will be let in at 7:50.  Parents should be aware of these times and plan accordingly with your child. Students should know that they enter and exit door number 1. If eating breakfast here at school, students are to use door number 4. Students also spend time outdoors during recess time and need to be dressed appropriately as they will often be going outside. When going outside, students are expected to stay out of muddy or wet areas so that they are not bringing muddy or wet clothes/shoes into the building upon re-entering the building.  When leaving the building at the end of the day, students are expected to take everything with them so that they can leave quickly after school and avoid congestion in the hallway doorway area. As always, students should be exiting the building at Door #1, unless directed by staff to do so elsewhere.


This past month we have also been working with students to provide a quieter lunch atmosphere to eat in by discussing with students how to control their voice volume.  In addition, we are working with students to clean up after themselves after they are done eating to show us they are ready to leave the lunchroom. We have been discussing with our students that writing on themselves or others here at school or at home is not one of our acceptable expectations and that it is not respectful or responsible behavior.  We are working with students on how to show respect to others through the use of Empathy, how to speak respectfully to others, and how to listen while others are talking. All of these items demonstrate being respectful and responsible with behavior. 

Early October’s Cool Tools were centered around appropriate use of electronics and being Respectful, Responsible, and Safe here at school.  Digital Citizenship is a focus for us with the Chromebooks as we are teaching students how to use them safely and respectfully. Students are aware of how to care for their chromebooks, what sites are appropriate for school, and ways that are appropriate to use the computer, as well as those that are not.  Students learned about their digital footprint and how to be respectful to others while using their chromebook.  

We have focused on how to be Respectful, Responsible, and Safe in the classroom and in the hallway.  Earlier this year, students made designs for Wolf Paws which are given out when a teacher “Catches” a student being good and are then used for rewards activities or drawings here at school.  We are encouraging our students to be respectful and kind to one another to improve morale, to get along with one another, and to establish a positive atmosphere in the classroom.  The large majority of our students have never received a referral for disrespect and are doing a great job. One goal we have for our student body as a whole is to reduce the number of referrals associated with disrespect to staff or students.  We feel all students working together on this goal can help make a positive difference.   

We encourage you to discuss what it means to be ready and prepared for class with your child.  Being on time with the proper materials and equipment for each class means more time spent in class on task and engaged in learning.  We have been encouraging students to consciously make a positive choice by getting to class on time to avoid further consequences from accumulating multiple tardies. 

We’d like to share some positives that have been happening here at Webster.  We are holding EXCEL Time Activities during which students who are eligible to participate can enjoy time in special interest areas such as talent shows, playing in the gym, trivia, cooking, watching movies, working on art activities, reading, etc.  During this time, students also have the opportunity to request working on classwork with teachers to help themselves get caught up in classes. We celebrated Oshkosh North High School’s Homecoming Week by having special dress up days to show school spirit.  On October 28th we held our Halloween Dance and had different activities for students to participate in all week.  


Congratulations and Keep up the good work students!  Consider asking your son or daughter about the Webster Way expectations and the improvements they are seeing at school.  

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