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The Webster Way

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Be Responsible

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Important Dates


For the 7th and 8th grade Girls Basketball Schedules please click here


December 23rd-January 1st- NO SCHOOL- HOLIDAY BREAK

January 7th- WSMS 6th grade Orchestra Concert in WSMS Auditorium-7pm

January 8th-Early Release- School Ends at 1:26

January 9th-8th grade Teen Money Field Trip-8:40 am
Freshman Orientation at ONHS- 6 pm

January 10th- Ski Club Trip to Nordic Mountain-Leave at 3:45

January 14th- 6th Grade Band Concert in WSMS Auditorium- 7 PM

January 20th- NO SCHOOL!

January 24th-Ski Club Trip to Nordic Mountain- Leave at 3:45






January PBIS Information                                                                   

January PBIS Newsletter


We are continuing to work on the Webster Way here at school. Students are aware that the core expectations include: Be Respectful, Be Responsible and Be Safe.


This month teachers discussed being respectful through the use of appropriate language around peers and adults.  Using words or actions to harass, tease or bully another student is inappropriate and can hurt others. Students are being taught to use kind words to solve conflicts and that students will keep hands and feet to themselves.  Negative interactions in school interfere with learning and can cause problems at school and in the community. Students are also to listen the first time to instructions given by adults so that time is not wasted repeating things many times over.


Students should be demonstrating responsible and safe behavior during the winter months by dressing appropriately for the cold weather. This means using jackets, hats, and gloves. Students are let in the building at 8:11. On days with extremely cold wind chill temperatures, students will be let in at 7:50 and taken to the auditorium until 8:11. Parents should be aware of these times and plan accordingly with your child. Students should know that they enter and exit door number 1. If eating breakfast here at school, students are to use door number 4. Students also spend time outdoors during recess time and need to be dressed appropriately as they will often be going outside. When going outside, students are expected to stay out of icy, muddy or wet areas so that they are not bringing muddy or wet clothes/shoes into the building upon re-entering the building. Students are working on respectful behavior by taking off hats and putting hoods down upon entering the building.  We discussed how this is both a safety and a respect issue and our school needs to make sure this is happening.  


At lunchtime, students are expected to be ready with their jacket and at their designated location within 5 minutes after the start of lunch/recess time which happens to be at 11:27 for 6th grade and 12:17 for 7th and 8th grade.  Please make sure you are getting outside or to the cafeteria within this time. When passing in hallways voice volume should be at a zero to avoid interrupting classes that are going on.


As a whole school, we are focusing on reducing the number of students being tardy to class, major referrals given for disrespect, and referrals given for classroom disruptions. We have seen a steady improvement throughout the past month in our Tardy data.  As a whole school, we had 1473 tardies in October, 1271 in November, and we have a current goal of less than 1000 between December 16th and January 16th. When it comes to disrespect we have seen stagnant data throughout the past two months. In October we had 71 majors and 70 in November. We  are teaching cool tool lessons every other Monday based around the concept of Respect, we have student created announcements, and we have small group instruction for students with multiple majors of disrespect held during Excel Period. As a whole school, we have seen a steady decrease in our classroom disruptions over the past two months.  In October we had 172 classroom disruption minors and 138 minors in November. Currently, we are running small group instruction for students with multiple minors of classroom disruption during Excel time to help them create goals and action plans for less class disruptions. 


Ask your son or daughter about the Webster Way expectations and the improvements they are seeing at school.  




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