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The Webster Way

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Be Responsible

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Important Dates


For the 6th, 7th and 8th grade Wrestling Schedule click here

March 4th- 4-6 pm Honor Band Rehearsal at OWHS For Select Members

March 9th- 12-2:30 Honor Band Field Trip to OWHS-Select Members

March 10th- Field trip -7th and 8th grade Orchestra to Alberta Kimball
from 9-11 am for dress rehearsal for the All City Strings Festival.
All City Strings Concert at Alberta Kimball at 7:00 PM

March 11th- Early Release-School Ends at 1:26 PM

March 12th-Band-O-Rama at OWHS for 8th Grade Band Students

March 23rd-27th- SPRING BREAK!! No School


WSMS March PBIS Information                                                                   

PBIS Newsletter


This month we have focused on a few different expectations that we are encouraging our students to follow as part of our Webster Way. The core expectations include: Be Respectful, Be Responsible, and Be Safe.


We have reviewed the expectation of being on time to scheduled classes and problem solved locker issues, bathroom needs, forgetfulness, and wanting to talk with friends between classes.  Students were encouraged to be responsible and get to their classes on time.  We have been working on reducing the number of students who have been tardy to class.  This quarter we had a school wide goal of having 3 total tardies or less for the past month. Students who met this goal were able to watch a movie of their choice during Excel with classmates. 


We are also focusing on being responsible by working on organization.  We asked students the following questions:  Have you looked at your neighbor’s locker? Have you noticed your classmates are missing a pencil?  Are you yourself missing work or materials? Let’s focus on getting organized. In advisor we talked about organization and how to make different strategies work for students such as encouraging students to clean up after themselves and others by picking up paper, pencils, etc. that they find in the halls.  We challenged all students to be on the lookout for debris and to be respectful and responsible by picking it up, throwing it away if it’s garbage, and giving it to the rightful owner if it’s not!  


As you know, our school auditorium has recently been renovated.  Now that it is in pristine condition, we have asked students to be respectful and to do their part in maintaining it by keeping food and drink out of the auditorium.  Students know they should sit down in the seat with feet on the floor. They should not be sitting on the seats when the seat is in an upright position as it can break off the seat cushion. We have also taught students how to behave appropriately as an audience in different environments such as in the gym, in the auditorium, and at the Grand Opera House.  Please remind your child of these expectations and help us model this expectation when using the auditorium. We also ask that students not walk in the mud and wet areas outside so we don’t track mud into the building in addition to getting soaked clothes, socks, and shoes.  Thank you for helping Webster look like the great school that it is.


We would like students to be safe by staying off and away from the ice and any ice shoves that may start to form at this time of the year and through April.  While ice shoves can be quite interesting to look at, they are very dangerous and even deadly as they crack, move, and fall.  


We continue to encourage safe use of the internet and chromebooks.  Students discussed different forms of Cyberbullying and what it looks like.  Students discussed what it means to cross the line into being inappropriate. We continue to give students the tools to be safe and encourage them to make appropriate choices in doing so when using the internet.  We have discussed what Internet Phishing is. A phishing attack happens when someone tries to trick you into sharing personal information online. Phishing is usually done through email, ads, or sites that look similar to sites you already use. Students were informed to be aware about phishing. 


Have a discussion about the WEBSTER WAY EXPECTATIONS with your child today!  




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